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General French Courses

Intensive French (25 hours)

Full-Time General French Courses in France

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Minimum Duration

1 Week


All levels

Course Description

Our fundamental language skills classes, which run all year, are called Intensive 25-hours General French courses. This course provides each student with a weekly all-in-one learning opportunity; we offer this course as a 25-hour study group with a limit of 12 students.

You will improve your ability to communicate effectively in French, whether at school or university, in the workplace, or when socializing with friends and family. We take you through rigorous study from novice to guru level, as the name indicates.

There are six distinct levels of groups, ranging from beginners to expert students, and classes begin every Monday. The first day begins with an evaluation and needs analysis session in the morning, followed by a free orientation session for new students to introduce them to The City of Rouen in the afternoon.

Our general French courses in France are built on the four abilities (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), grammar, vocabulary, and phonetics, while the Intensive Course builds on everything learned in the General Course. During your French language education in France, it assists you in improving your oral communication skills and being acquainted with French culture and civilisation.

The Intensive 25 French language course combines language study with other aspects of the language and allows you to increase your fluency by spending time on oral communication exercises.

This course combines morning and afternoon lessons to provide thorough immersion in French language and culture, as well as the opportunity to debate current events and put your newly learned language skills to use.

During your French Language Immersion in France, your vocabulary will be expanded, and you will have the opportunity to concentrate on phonetics. Because communication is a top focus, a variety of discussions, presentations, and role plays are planned to ensure that general French language acquisition yields communicative benefits.

Various themes are covered during your French immersion program to help students communicate more effectively and become more self-sufficient in their daily lives. Teachers frequently use the internet to discover short videos and make a point of showing you cult flicks.

We place a strong focus on responding to individual requirements, which is simple to achieve because groups of no more than 12 students are never formed throughout your French language stay in France. During French language immersion, it is always simpler to converse in a small group.

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes