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Teacher Training in France | Erasmus+

Professional Development Courses For Teachers

Hours / Week


Minimum Duration

1 Week


C1 + C2

Course Description

If you’re a French language teacher, or you teach another subject in French and want to improve your French language skills, our French teacher training courses are perfect for you. A course in teacher training in France will provide you with an opportunity to develop your professional skills and to exchange with other teachers from around the world.

Our small group lessons will help you enrich your language skills and apply new educational methodology useful for learning and teaching French as a foreign language.

Participants in this programme will learn the newest teaching methods and approaches as well has have the opportunity to study both French language and culture.

These courses are for qualified teachers and use a communicative method to instruct both teaching methodology and techniques as well as French language and culture.

All teacher training course modules at French in Normandy are approved Erasmus+ training courses and are eligible for funding from Erasmus+. Participants not eligible for Erasmus+funding can take these courses as private direct-booking students, paying tuition directly to French in Normandy.

Available modules include:



Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes