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DALF Exam Preparation in France

French Exams & Diplomas

Course Start

Every Monday

Hours / Week


Minimum Duration

1 Week


C1, C2

Course Description

The DALF course is organized into four parts that collectively demonstrate substantial French language skills. In their particular topic, DALF degree holders have acquired college-level abilities such as document synthesis, oral presentations, essays, and summarizing.

You may choose the length of your DALF course at French In Normandy: we help you move quickly with groups of 15 or less students, and our pleasant and competent team, many of whom are DELF or DALF examiners, will ensure you attain your objective as quickly as possible.

A final mock exam is included in the DALF Preparation course so you know what to anticipate during your exam.

  • The DALF preparatory course lasts at least 5 weeks and includes 25 hours of instruction per week.
  • We combine 15 hours of morning language sessions with 10 hours of rigorous exam preparation in the afternoon at French in Normandy.
  • Morning courses concentrate on grammar, listening and speaking, reading, and writing in order to guarantee that students acquire the necessary language abilities for each level of the exam.

To understand their development, each student receives a personal report.

What is DALF?

The acronym DALF stands for Diploma in Advanced French – in French, it’s Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française.

There are two levels of DALF certificates: C1 and C2:

  • Users of the French language at C1 speak fluently and spontaneously. People who have earned the DALF C1 certificate have a large vocabulary and can use it to start a conversation, an email, or a letter. A learner may develop a coherent and well-crafted discourse without hesitation at this level, demonstrating command and using the proper structure.
  • At C2, correctness, fluency, and appropriateness of expression are used to demonstrate command of the French language. Students who pass the DALF exam at this level can execute assignments that are both academic and advanced.

The DALF diploma is beneficial to European higher education institutions and employers seeking new students or staff with a good level of French.

A DALF certificate verifies that a student is extremely skilled in French before enrolling in a French-speaking college or university.

This means that a student with DALF certification does not need to take any other French language test as part of their application to their desired college or university, and that you can start your study right away rather than waiting to take another French exam.

France’s universities provide outstanding research possibilities, superb facilities, and cutting-edge technologies. These are some of the reasons why students choose to continue their studies in France. However, because colleges demand students to have a high level of French competence, the language can be difficult.

Students who want to enroll in courses that require advanced French skills must work hard to achieve the prerequisites. Several tests certify French proficiency, but the DALF is the most sophisticated and finest French exam for courses that require a high level of French fluency.

The International Center for French Studies administers the DALF diplomas on behalf of the French Ministry of Education.

Download the 2024 DELF DALF brochure.

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes