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General French Courses

Semi-Intensive (15 hours)

Part-Time General French Courses in France

Course Start


Hours / Week


Minimum Duration

1 Week


All levels

Unlike the intensive course, these sessions are in the mornings and offers a comprehensive immersion in French language and culture, as well as the opportunity to discuss current events and apply newly acquired language skills.

Course Description

Our fundamental language skills classes, which run all year, are called Semi-Intensive 15-hours general French courses. This course provides each student with a weekly all-in-one learning opportunity; we offer this course as a 15-hour study group with a limit of 12 students.

Attend our communicative morning classes to improve your entire French language ability. Follow monthly themes based on current events and trends to improve your ability to converse in French while also learning about living in France today.

Our institution’s morning semi-intensive French course focuses on the four communication skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The focus will be on increasing confidence in speaking and listening in French in a variety of settings. Topical vocabulary and language, grammatical structure study, pronunciation and listening skills, social skills, cultural awareness, reading and writing skills, and conversational French are among the topics addressed in class.

This semi-intensive French course also encourages students to learn about French culture through actual material and idiomatic language in a variety of situations.

Students are encouraged to use the language they have learned in class. This includes tasks in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in French, as well as pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar

Individual, couple, and group work, discussions, debates, roleplays, presentations, written tasks, and listening exercises are all part of the classroom activity.

Participants are actively encouraged to contribute their own views and experiences while creating networks with other international students in a friendly, supportive environment.

You can also enhance your learning by participating in our free, daily optional workshops, which begin at the end of regular afternoon classes.

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes