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General French Online

Online French Courses For Adults

Course Description

Just like tens of millions people around the world, you’ve always wanted to learn French. It’s one of the most popular languages out there, spoken on almost all continents and has a rich culture and history. Your plan may have included travelling to France and learning at French in Normandy. Even if you aren’t able to join us in Rouen, you can still pursue your dream by taking online French courses with us.

French in Normandy has created French classes online that are easily accessible to everyone and that follow the official curriculum and standards of our in-person French language classes.

With our online French courses, students have the chance to master all French language skills, have the flexibility in how many hours per week they want to study and can do it all from the comfort of their own home.

Our online French courses offer 6 different levels, everything from French online classes for beginners to advanced DALF & DELF preparation online. Students that want to quickly advance through their studies can choose the General Intensive French course online and those that want to study at a slower pace or don’t have as much time to commit may consider the Semi- or Demi-Intensive French course.


French in Normandy offers a variety of general French language courses in the classroom in Rouen and also online. Our online courses follow the same accredited and established curriculum as our in-school classes so you can be sure to receive our award-winning quality instruction. Choose from the following 3 General French Online Course options from French in Normandy, or consider preparing for your DELF exam online.

The intensive French course online is the fastest from all the French learning online classes that we at French in Normandy offer.

This course includes at least 25 hours per week of French learning online classes with no maximum course duration. Students can study for as long as they want. Although there is a 1 week minimum course length.

The Intensive French Course Online is available for all levels, so no matter if you’re a beginner or you want online advanced French course, we got you covered. Furthermore, these online French courses are for all purposes such as business, general conversation in socializing etc.

Course objectives and learning outcomes

Through the intensive French course online students will enhance their French language skills, improving their reading, writing, listening and speaking.

When you learn French online with native speakers, you more accurately improve your pronunciation, fluency and accuracy and gain more confidence in using French language in various settings.

For student that are not yet confident in their knowledge of French but still want to make excellent progress, we recommend to enrol in our Semi-Intensive Online French courses.

This programme features 15 hours per week of French learning online and there’s no maximum duration, as with all our courses, there is a 1 week minimum duration.

The Semi-Intensive Online French Course covers all language levels from beginner to advanced and it’s for all purposes.

Course objectives and learning outcomes

Student of semi-intensive online French courses will get a greater awareness and knowledge of French culture and history, gain more confidence using French language and will put their newly learned skills in everyday context and communication.

If your everyday schedule is too busy or you just started learning French then you may be looking for a part-time course, this is especially suitable for French online learning for beginners.

With our Demi-Intensive Online French course, your weekly schedule will include 10 hours of French classes online, but in the afternoon. There is a 1 week minimum duration and no maximum duration.

This is a perfect “package” of online French courses for professionals or students that already have a busy schedule or to whom learning new things doesn’t come as easy.

Course objectives and learning outcomes

Students that enrol in our Demi-Intensive Online French Course will gain the basics of the French language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and enhance them further. Working closely with native French speakers will give them a unique opportunity to work on their pronunciation, fluency and accuracy when using French which will result in higher confidence when using French language in various settings, not just in informal social conversation.

French in Normandy’s French classes are based on communicative French and structural progression. Students are highly encouraged to continuously use the skills they learned during their online French courses.

Our General French online courses cover all aspects of the French language skill set – speaking, listening, reading, writing, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar activities. Every student, no matter if he/she takes the Intensive French Course Online or our Demi-Intensive Online French Courses, will have lessons organized in the form of workshops that are planned around a specific skill and cultural topic. For example:

  • On Mondays, students will work on their vocabulary and reading skills as part of their French learning online classes.
  • Tuesdays are reserved for written comprehension and writing skills
  • Wednesdays are for listening skills and to enrich the student’s knowledge about the French life and culture
  • On Thursdays, student will practice their oral comprehension as part of their Online French Courses
  • On Fridays, students will practice their speaking skills

French learning online classes can include individual work, working in pairs or groups, discussions, debates and role play with other students as well as written tasks and listening exercises. During their online French courses, students are able (and encouraged) to share their own ideas and experiences. 

Private French Lessons Online

French in Normandy can also organise additional individual lessons for students at any time. You can combine group classes online with some one-to-one lessons if you want to focus on a specific need as well as working with other students and putting your language skills into practice.

These are tailor-made to suit your specific needs. One-to-one individual French lessons online will take place in during business hours, with schedules varying depending on your exact requirement. Just ask us for details.