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About Us

Our Methodology

How We Teach the French Language

This French language school is housed in its own building with easy access to street parking. It’s in the stylish and peaceful Jardin des Plantes (Botanical Gardens) neighborhood, which boasts a large range of local stores and services and is only a short walk from St Sever’s bustling retail district. The school is conveniently accessible from everywhere in the city. We accept international groups (maximum 15 students) as well as one-on-one sessions and single nationality groups, with 13 classrooms and a resource center.

Our Methodology

Learning French in France

We have an amazing concept to make learning interesting and simple, the strategy we utilize is all inclusive as we carefully consider all our students while creating class schedules and other of our academic activities. Our communication channel is through an oral manner as it is more enjoyable and easier to apply in many aspects of life and language. We extensively use speaking and listening in all of our classes, and we emphasize the significance of listening via engaging activities such as listening games and comprehension.

At French in Normandy, we take great care in grouping our students into the proper levels. Our team of professional tutors will tell you what your grammar, vocabulary, and work objectives are for the week at the beginning of the week. Our instructors are native French speakers with extensive experience and qualifications. To match your language learning goals, we carefully choose and create materials in-house.

Our course delivery process:

  • All of our classes are taught in French.
  • Students speak more than the teacher in class.
  • In class, we focus on speaking and listening, and for homework, we focus on reading and writing.
  • We teach linguistic chunks rather than lists of words.
  • We make corrections as we go along to ensure that pupils remember the proper model.
  • Before introducing a new topic, we assess the level of understanding in each class.
  • New language is taught using well-known structures, and new vocabulary is taught using well-known structures. At the beginner levels, A1/A2/B1, theoretical explanation is reduced to a minimum.
  • We urge our pupils to use language creatively and to participate actively in their own learning.
  • To assess gained abilities, we adopt a task-based systematic methodology.
  • In our classes, we use learned psychological concepts and embrace diversity and shared experience.