French + Leisure courses

This is a totally delicious introduction to both the French language and the region of Normandy.

Normandy is famous for its rich cuisine and well known cheeses. Rouen is the perfect place to discover all these delights plus take a French cooking course.

French Cooking Course

This French cooking course is a must for those wishing to combine language learning with the art of pâtisserie, and Normandy is the ideal place to do it.

We offer expert culinary demonstration and practice on top of our language skills programme typical recipes made are: macarons, eclairs and choux pastry, fraisier (strawberry gâteau), Normandy apple tart.

15 hours* of French lessons in international groups of 10 students maximum

3 afternoons cooking

Starts the first Monday of every month

French cooking courses are from 9h30-13h daily with a coffee break from 11h-1130

Monday is the orientation tour after class at 16h15

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are the cooking afternoons from 14h30-17h30

Levels: All Options  Interpreter / day tour to Paris (**)

*: An hour is 60 minutes
**: Not included in the course fee

Other cultural programmes

In addition to this French cooking course, we have an excellent selection of French Language + Cultural Programmes for groups.

Please contact us directly for full details. Our options include:

  • French and Painting
  • French and Fine Arts
  • French and Golf
  • French and Gardens
  • French and Vocational Training
  • French and Tourism Management
  • French and Pottery
  • Discover the language and region of Normandy: a comprehensive guide to the literature, architecture and history of the region.