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French language France | French Language School

Welcome to Rouen, capital of Normandy, and to our award-winning school, French in Normandy!

The school

French in Normandy is an award-winning, accredited French language school located in the heart of Normandy, Rouen. Join us to learn French in France and explore our beautiful city!

French Courses

FIN offers a wide variety of French language courses all taught by accredited French teachers. French in Normandy’s teachers and curriculum are accredited by various organizations including Qualité FLE and IALC.

Book a course

Check out our prices and reserve your French language course online now or contact us if you have questions!

French test

What is your current level of French? Not sure? Try our online French language quiz to find out!


FIN provides several types of housing for French language students in Rouen. Some students choose homestay and others prefer one of our student residences.

Social Program

Not only will you learn French in France, you will explore Normandy and discover all that it has to offer. FIN organizes regular social activities, events and sight-seeing for you to enjoy while you study French.


FIN is available on Facebook and Twitter to answer your questions and help you learn about studying French with us in Rouen. Of course, you can always contact us via the website!


Since we have students from around the world learning French with us, our brochures and general information is available in many languages!

Featured Programmes: DELF & DALF Preparation

French in Normandy provides intensive DALF and DELF preparation courses designed to prepare students for the exams. The DELF and DALF exams assess the communicative skills of a candidate in real situations using authentic documents. They evaluate functional knowledge of communication. They are issued by the French Ministry of Education and as such, they are recognised everywhere in the world.

Register for 10 weeks DELF / DALF Preparation and receive a FREE DELF DALF Exam. Contact us for details.

Featured Programmes: French Teacher Training

Well known French textbook author, Olivier Massé, is the Director of Studies at French in Normandy and his French teacher training courses are a must for French teachers everywhere, be it teaching French in mainstream schools and colleges or in specialised establishments teaching French as a Foreign Language. Learn more.

What our students are saying about studying French with us

Joao: J’ai trouvé cette école là à l’internet et j’était pas sûr si mon séjour là serai agréable ou non. C’était une très bonne surprise découvrir que j’avait choisi le meilleur école de FLE de la France ! French in Normandy c’est une merveille: il y a des bons professeurs, un excellent programme pédagogique et une atmosphère générale plutôt agréable. Parler le français n’était qu’un rêve pour moi avant d’arriver ici, et maintenant je peux bien communiquer en français. Je me sens béni d’avoir choisi French in Normandy et j’oublierai jamais de tout les personnes que j’ai y connu.

Annee: The school was so good. I learned a lot of things and I meet people of around the world. Teachers are very dynamic. They help us every time we needed.

Marina: Je suis arrivée à FIN sans parler le français, au niveau A1 il y a 9 mois.Aujourd’hui, grâce à eux je peux complètement me débrouiller toute seule. Depuis le début j’étais dans le programme intensif, ensuite ils m’ont encouragé à passer des examens du DELF et jusqu’au DALF C1! J’ai eu aussi des cours individuelles, qui valent vraiment le coup. Quand même, sans doute, le meilleur aspect de FIN est le service personnel qu’ils nous donnent, prêts à nous aider dans tous les cas. Après avoir être dans plusieurs écoles de langues je peux affirmer que FIN est une vrai famille.

Hyung Jin: Thanks to teachers here, I could pass the Dalf C1, the test of the French.

Ja Jin:  Ici à french in normandy, c’est comme une grande famille. Les professeurs sont solidaires et serviables. Pendant 2 semaines j’ai deja réussi le test pour l’INBP et j’espère que je pourrai suivre le cours DELF B2 ou DALF C1 une autre fois.

Valeria: I felt comfortable here in Rouen and I would like to come back one day to France to continue my progress in French. It is a very serious and well organized school. The staff is kind and the teachers are very nice. They took good care of the students. Thank you for this experience with French in Normandy.

Visit the Education Stars website and see what our students have to say about studying at French in Normandy!

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Learn French in France…

Do you want to study French in France?

French in Normandy is the right choice for your French language school!

French in Normandy has been chosen as best French school in France for the last several years by professional educators worldwide.  Our French language courses are made for all levels and ages, that is why French in Normandy is the #1 choice for French language courses in France!

Contact us and make the right choice for your French language learning!