a-level french revisionOur A-level French revision programme is made up of 3 elements:

1. 15 hours of group lessons (9h30-13h daily) in a group of 12 students maximum.

2. 5 hours of one to one tuition

3. 5 hours of supervised self-study

This intensive A-level French revision course will give you the necessary tools to meet all the A-level objectives.

Objectives for this A-level French revision course are:

  • to communicate confidently and clearly in French
  • to give students insight into culture and contemporary society in France and in the countries where French is spoken
  • to understand and respond to texts written in the target language, drawn from sources such as magazines, newspapers, reports, books and other forms of extended writing
  • to manipulate the target language accurately in spoken and written forms, choosing appropriate examples of lexis and structures
  • to give students the ability to select information and present it in French and to organise arguments and ideas logically in French.

All textual material used in the programme is drawn from the following topic areas:

  • Family and human relationships
  • Generation gap and young people
  • The media
  • Food and drink
  • Law and order
  • Religion and belief
  • Health and fitness/Work and leisure
  • Equality of opportunity
  • Employment and unemployment
  • Sport
  • Free time activities
  • Travel and tourism
  • Education
  • Cultural life/heritage
  • War and peace
  • The developing world
  • Scientific and medical advances
  • Technological innovation
  • Environment
  • Conservation
  • Pollution
  • Contemporary aspects of France and countries where French is spoken
  • Patterns of daily life in both urban and rural communities