DALF Preparation Courses

French in Normandy provide DELF and DALF preparation, these are two modern diplomas designed to assess the communicative skills of a candidate in real situations using authentic documents. They evaluate functional knowledge of communication. They are issued by the French Ministry of Education and as such, they are recognised everywhere in the  world.

10 weeks DELF/DALF preparation course + FREE exam. Enquire below.

The DALF preparation course is divided into 4 units.

This diploma corresponds to an extensive knowledge of the French language. Its holder is able to master college level of expression – summary, document synthesis, essay, and oral presentation – in chosen fields of specialization: humanities and social sciences, economics, law, mathematics or life sciences.

At French In Normandy you can prepare the and DALF and choose the length of your course and you can take the examination in Rouen or Paris.

Our DALF preparation courses favour rapid progression as you are in groups with a maximum number of 10 students

You will study all four language skills, (reading,writing listening and speaking) and our friendly and experienced staff will ensure that you reach your goal as quickly as possible.

The DALF preparation course includes a final mock examination so that you know what to expect on the day and take the examination fully prepared.

99% pass rates! – All the students who prepared delf and dalf with French In Normandy in 2013 have passed their exams.

Schedules and description of the courses

Monday to Friday

25 or 15 hours per week*

09h30 – 13h00: Grammar, communication
14h00 – 16h00: Various skills based workshops
Thursdays from 14h-16h DELF/DALF workshop

(*) See price list for course price

Download DELF DALF brochure and 2017-2018 dates

French in Normandy creates DELF DALF SOLUTIONS

French in Normandy is very proud of our exam success rates over the years. In 2012 we had a 100% success rate and 99% in 2013… Our new DELF DALF preparation course is 13 weeks long and follows the requirements of the DELF and DALF exams and has been devised in response to student demand : We will offer students General French in the morning plus daily DELF DALF exam specific sessions.

Our morning classes focus on Grammar, Reading and Writing, Listening and Speaking in order to ensure that students have the basic language skills required for each level of the exam.

In the afternoons the course is dedicated solely to exam tutorials, each one focusing on specific DELF DALF papers- Students have a course book for extra work and our teachers will also supply students with all necessary supplementary materials.

The course will also contain practice sessions for all students on a regular basis throughout the course with personalised correction and feedback. These tutorials and the practice runs are all included in the course fee

A number of our French in Normandy teachers are qualified and experienced DELF DALF examiners and their experience, combined with the tutorials and exam practice means students will be confident and well prepared for the exam at the end of the course.

Download DELF DALF brochure and 2017-2018 dates

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