Pathway Programmes

Normandy is the perfect place to continue your studies. We are sure that you will be able to find an undergraduate or post graduate course on one of our international programmes to suit you.

French in Normandy and our partner schools in Rouen are pleased to offer a wide selection of courses at undergraduate and post-graduate level which are delivered in either French or English or we can offer a selection of modules that are only delivered in English. We can also help you apply to other Universities and Schools throughout France.

The minimum language level required to study in a French university is a B2 but we recommend that you reach a C1 level as this will prepare you better for study at undergraduate or graduate level. For vocational schools the required level is B2.

Courses at NEOMA Rouen Business School

Courses include:

  • Bachelor programmes in International Business
  • Bachelor programmes in HR Management Logistics and Accounting
  • International Masters programmes (delivered in English)
  • Specialised Masters programmes
  • Rouen MBA programmes (delivered in English)

Courses at Rouen Engineering School ESIGELEC


  • MSC Embedded systems (delivered in English)
  • MSC Information systems (delivered in English)

For more information download the FIN & ESIGELEC pathway programme brochure and fees.

Post graduate and Masters

  • Université de Rouen
  • Ecole de commerce RBS (Rouen Business school)
  • Rouen Architecture


  • INBP
  • Ecole de Cuisine Marcel Sauvage


Professional Culinary Arts Diplomas at INBP

About INBP

The school offers professionals a wide range of advanced courses in bread-baking, pastry, chocolate, ice-making, snacking…

Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (Best artisan in France) as well as World Champions come to INBP to share their expertise.

The INBP also offers adults with no previous knowledge in the field the possibility to take the French state diplomas in bread baking (CAP Boulanger), pastry-making (CAP Pâtissier) or chocolate and confectionary (CAP Chocolatier Confiseur).

These are intensive courses that only take four and a half months.

Every year the INBP welcomes 15 per cent of foreign nationals as part of the student body all of whom hope to follow in the footsteps of France’s top celebrity chefs in their chosen field.

Renowned the world over for its gastronomy, French culinary expertise is always in demand and students who choose the French in Normandy /INBP foundation programme are already well on their way to future success!

INBP Entrance Exam Dates 2018

Mardi 06 février 2018
Mardi 10 avril 2018
Mardi 12 juin 2018
Mardi 07 août 2018
Mardi 09 octobre 2018
Mardi 04 décembre 2018
Mardi 16 janvier 2018
Mardi 06 mars 2018
Mardi 15 mai 2018
Mardi 17 juillet 2018
Mardi 11 septembre 2018
Mardi 13 novembre 2018

Contact us for details.
Download the French in Normandy & INBP brochure here.

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