TCF (Test de Connaissance de Français)

This TCF test is intended for anybody who wants to have their French language skills assessed for personal or professional reasons.


First and second year undergraduate students and Architecture students: the TCF is compulsory for future students as part of the DAP (Demande d’Admission Préalable, or preliminary admission application) for admission on first and second year university degree courses and for Architecture students.


This version of the TCF test was designed to meet the needs of international bodies, intergovernmental organisations (the UN, OECD, European Commission, etc.) and Schools of Diplomacy and/or International Relations.

TCF Québec

Since 16 October 2006, the Quebec Ministry of Immigration (MICC) has required people submitting applications to immigrate to Quebec to provide proof of their level of competency in French by taking the “TCF pour le Québec”, or TCF test for Quebec.

This test can only be taken by people who submit an immigration application at a Quebec immigration office or at Délégations Générales du Québec, Quebec government offices abroad.

TCF exam dates at French in Normandy

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