Student Satisfaction September 2012

French in Normandy is always happy to share our student satisfaction results with partners and agents. Have a look at September’s statistics and see what the students like most about studying at FIN!


La Fête du Ventre à Rouen

The must-taste event of the Norman region, taking place the 3rd weekend of every October, is the busy and tasty Fête du Ventre meaning the Festival of the Stomach!  Vendors, farmers and local producers from around the region gather in the centre of Rouen, surrounding the Vieux Marche, to share and sell their gastronomic delights!

Hosted by Rouen Tourisme, la Fête du Ventre is the perfect opportunity to discover the cuisine of the region including local honey & confitures, andouillette sausage, tartiflette, escargot, oysters, tarte aux pommes and more!  Browse the pictures below to get a taste of this great event!






Photos by Jeanette Kramer.

Notre Super Sportive Suisse!

Cet été French in Normandy était très fière et très heureuse d’accueillir une sportive Suisse de haut niveau: Janine Wyss. Janine pratique un sport peu connu le ‘Curling‘ – un sport d’hiver avec ses origines en Écosse…

Récemment, nous avons parlé avec Janine de son amour pour ce sport.

Qu’est ce que le curling?

Curling, c’est un sport qui est joué sur glace. Le but est de placer les pierres le plus près possible d’une cible dessinée sur la glace. (un peu comme pétanque ou boccia). Souvent Curling est appelle > C’est très stratégique.

Depuis combien de temps pratiquez-vous le curling?

Je joue au curling depuis 10 ans. J’ai commencé quand j’avais 11 ans.

Qu’est ce qui vous plait le plus dans ce sport?

Curling c’est un sport pour toute la famille. J’ai rencontré des gens de 6 à 82 ans qui ont joué au Curling. Et les plus âgés ne sont pas toujours les plus faibles. C’est un sport très social et il n’y a pas d’arbitre. Même si c’est un sport en équipe il faut travailler ensemble pour gagner. On ne peut pas gagner un match tout seul. Une autre chose c’est qu’on peut voyager beaucoup et on rencontre des gens différents. (il y a beaucoup d’autre raisons pour moi, mais si je continuais vous seriez là encore demain wink )

Quelle ont été vos plus grandes réussites en curling?

Mes plus grands réussites… Je pense ça sont mes quatre titre de Championne Suisse Junior Filles (2010-2012) et le 4e place au championnat du monde junior 2012 à Flims. Même si je ne peux pas parler de > réussites parce que sans équipe on ne peut pas gagner.

Merci Janine de ta visite et on reste en contact!

What to pack (and expect!) when you study abroad in France

We are looking forward to meeting you at our award-winning French language school in the beautiful heart of Normandy!  We hope that you will find this guide useful and we wish you a very happy stay here with us in Rouen. A bientôt…

We suggest that you bring :
Clothes :
  •   Casual clothes for the lessons
  •   Something smart if you want to go out!
  •   1 pair of trainers & 1 swimming costume
  •   1 anorak or waterproof
  •   1 warm pull-over
Plus :
  •   Make sure that you have travel insurance
  •   1 camera
  •   1 travel adaptator for hairdryers/electric razors/laptops
  •   Credit card
  •   Some cash (Euros) plus traveller’s cheques
  •   A bag for your French books, notebooks, maps etc.
For students choosing a host family

Think about bringing a small typical gift from your country to give your French host family and also bring some photos of your own family or town as this will give you something to start the conversation going!!!


Make the most of your study abroad experience in France

We are here to give you the utmost help in improving your French language skills but please remember that you are the star of the show and we will be giving you tasks to complete and asking you to work alongside us to reach your goal.  Here are some tips to get the most from your course:

  •   Make every effort to participate in the lessons
  •   Make the most of the activities and visits that FRENCH IN NORMANDY organises
  •   Make every effort to speak FRENCH at all times.
  •   Make friends from many countries
Staying with a host family
  •   You will be staying as a part of a family to learn more about the French way of life but remember that you should respect your host family’s times for meals and their house!!
  •   If you have arranged to go out please remember to tell them and tell them if you are going to be late in!!
  •   Your host family will communicate with you in French at all times so that you make progress quickly. Don’t worry you will soon get the hang of it!!
Every week your host family will provide :
  •   A single room
  •   Sheets, bed linen and towels
  •   A place with a desk and a chair where you can work and study quietly
  •   Breakfast and dinner in the week
  •   Full board at the weekends (or perhaps a picnic if you are going on our Saturday excursion).
  •   Use of a bathroom
  •   Light laundry
  •   A key

If you have any problems or questions relating to your host family just tell Véronique, she is the Well-Being Coordinator and in charge of  host families here at FRENCH IN NORMANDY.


On arrival in France
If you are coming through Paris :

Make sure that you have the FRENCH IN NORMANDY emergency number and the number of the taxi that is coming to fetch you at the airport. This information will have been sent to you or to your travel organisation ahead of time.

If you are going to take the metro in Paris check that you know which line you need to take before getting on a train, if you need the timetable of trains ROUEN-PARIS just let us know and we will send you more detailed information.

If you know which train you will be taking let us know and we will get your host family to meet you at the station.

If you are coming to Rouen by public transport :

If you are going directly to your host family make sure that you have all the papers with their correct address and telephone numbers.

If you are being met by your family at the station please let them and the French In Normandy team know the correct time of your train and please let us know if you miss it or if there are any problems en route.


Most important

Please let us know well in advance if you have any special dietary needs or if you are allergic to pets/animals etc and also if you are a smoker.

Other information
The weather :

It is never very cold in Rouen even in the winter which is usually wet and sometimes windy so for winter months make sure that you have a warm waterproof jacket. Summers are usually pleasantly warm but one never knows so bring a coat just in case!

Transport, lunch and pocket money:

Rouen has a tram system which we call «le metrobus », there is a stop just 8 minutes walk from the school which goes to the centre of town. Regular buses pass where French In Normandy is and many families are within walking distance of the school.

On the first Monday of your stay, we will take you around the town so that you get your bearings. We will show you the principal sights as well as useful information such as where and how to buy a metro ticket or season card. A ticket costs 1,50 Euros. A pack of 10 costs 11,50 Euros. You can also buy season cards for longer stays.

Lunch is not included in the programme unless you come as part of a group. Students at FRENCH IN NORMANDY can buy lunch from the many bakers shops (sandwichs/quiches/rolls) just 2 minutes walk from the school. There are cafés near the school where you can buy sandwiches or hot snacks and quick meals.

In the school we have a hot and cold drinks vending machines and a snacks (crisps and sweets) vending machine.

Students can eat in the common room.

We are happy to arrange :
  •   Student residence accommodation
  •   Hotel or gite accommodation
  •   Airport transfers and pick ups
  •   Bookings for theatres etc
  •   Bookings for travel, car hire etc
  •   Sporting activities

All the team at French in Normandy wish you “bon voyage et bon courage” and remember we are here to help you at all times. Enjoy your stay!!