In Class at French in Normandy

French Lesson – Les Comparatifs (plus …… que)

Joanna is a popular A1 / A2 level teacher at French in Normandy. In this video she teaches “les comparatifs” through speaking exercises and a worksheet. Join the students and take a look inside a typical class at French in Normandy.

The worksheet for this sample lesson can be seen here.  For more information about studying French in France and at French in Normandy, visit our website.

At the Market in Rouen

There are plenty of interesting and enjoyable markets in Rouen, practically every day of the week! So whether you want to do daily grocery shopping, watch the locals or find antique treasures, the markets in Rouen will be sure to please! Rouennaise typically buy a few culinary delights such as olives, cheese, bread, oysters and enjoy sharing their purchases with friends on the terrace of a nearby cafe. Wash that down with some wine and sunshine and it is another a fantastic day in France!

Below you find a listing of Rouen markets!
Bonne journée à vous!

Marché Boulingrin (Rive Droite)
Marché Cauchoise (Rive Droite)
Marché Grand Mare (Rive Droite)
Marché Saint-Clément (Rive Gauche)
Marché Saint-Marc (Rive Droite)
Marché Châtelet (Rive Droite)
Marché Place du Vieux-Marché (Rive Droite)
Marché de l’Ile Lacroix (Rive Gauche)
Marché de la Calende (Rive Droite)
Marché des Emmurées (Rive Gauche)

Cy’clic Rouen

Renting a bicycle in Rouen is easier than you think!

When it comes to getting around Rouen, a bicycle will be your ally for a day, a week or even an everyday companion!  With 20 stations and 250 bicycles, cy’clic is a simple, self-serve bike rental system that meets all your needs.

Subscriptions are flexible: you can choose between 1 day, 7 days, six months or a year.  The first half hour is always FREE regardless of your subscription and the fees after that are nominal, increasing from €1 – €4 for additional time. 1- and 7-day rentals can be purchased at the self-serve automat at the bike station. 6- and 12-month subscriptions can be purchased online, when you will receive an account and activation number. You will need to pick up your free cy’clic card at the city hall (Hotel de Ville) and activate the card.  

Whether to enjoy the sights of Rouen, run errands or go to school or work you can always find a station in the city center and close to parks and residential areas.  With a station every 300 to 400 meters, you can enjoy a new way of moving around the city.  Download the map and find your nearest cy’clic bike today!