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In Class at French in Normandy

French Lesson – Les Comparatifs (plus …… que) Joanna is a popular A1 / A2 level teacher at French in Normandy. In this video she teaches “les comparatifs” through speaking exercises and a worksheet. Join the students and take a look inside a typical class at French in Normandy. The worksheet for this sample lesson […]

At the Market in Rouen

There are plenty of interesting and enjoyable markets in Rouen, practically every day of the week! So whether you want to do daily grocery shopping, watch the locals or find antique treasures, the markets in Rouen will be sure to please! Rouennaise typically buy a few culinary delights such as olives, cheese, bread, oysters and […]

Cy’clic Rouen

Renting a bicycle in Rouen is easier than you think! When it comes to getting around Rouen, a bicycle will be your ally for a day, a week or even an everyday companion!  With 20 stations and 250 bicycles, cy’clic is a simple, self-serve bike rental system that meets all your needs. Subscriptions are flexible: you can […]