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DELF Diplôme d’études en langue française – Diploma of French-language studies

DALF Diplôme approfondi de langue française – Advanced diploma in French language

The DELF and DALF diplomas, conferred by the French Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Higher education and research attest to the holder’s level of proficiency in the French language. Six different diplomas are offered, corresponding to the six levels of the CEFR: DELF A1, A2, B1, and B2, and DALF C1 and C2.

To successfully pass any of the diplomas, candidates must take tests in the four skills: oral comprehension, oral expression, written comprehension, and written expression.

Unlike the results of language tests, which expire after a certain period, the DELF and DALF diplomas are valid for life.

Study in France: levels required for applications for preliminary admission (the DAP procedure)

To meet DAP requirements required for admission to years 1 and 2 at a university or school of architecture, applicants must obtain a DELF B2 diploma (including DELF General, DELF Student, DELF Junior, and DELF Professional) or a DALF diploma (C1 or C2).

Holders of these diplomas are exempted from any language test that might otherwise be required for admission to a French university.

Note: The level of the diploma required may vary from institution to institution and from program to program.

Candidates must score at least 5/25 on each of the four tests. The total score required to obtain a DELF or DALF diploma is 50/100.

Learn more about DALF exam preparation.

Learn more about DELF exam preparation.

Download the DELF DALF brochure here.


TCF Test de connaissance du français – Test of knowledge of French

The TCF, administered by the French Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher education and research, is a standardized test of general French designed by CIEP (Centre international d’études pédagogiques, International center for pedagogical studies), a certifying organization that is a member of ALTE (the Association of Language Testers in Europe). The TCF satisfies the quality requirements of ISO 9001, version 2008, in all of its processes.

The TCF test of comprehension may be taken on computer in some countries; the computer-based test of written expression will be available soon.

Test results are valid for 2 years. Candidates wishing to repeat the TCF or TCF-DAP must wait 50 days from the date of their prior sitting. 

Study in France: levels required for applications for preliminary admission (the DAP procedure)

A specific version of the TCF (TCF-DAP) is required for applications for preliminary admission (DAP). The TCF-DAP includes a mandatory test of written French. The TCF is the only test recognized by the CPU (Conférence des présidents d’université, Conference of university presidents) for admission to Licence 2, Masters 1, and Masters 2 programs. Note: The required score on the test varies from institution to institution and from programme to programme.

French in Normandy is a center approved by CIEP.

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TEF Test d’évaluation de français, Test of French Proficiency

Designed and distributed by CELAF, the French Language Center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Paris / Ile-de-France Region (CCIP), the TEF is an internationally recognized instrument for the assessment of knowledge and skill in the French language. It offers candidates a “linguistic snapshot” of their proficiency in French on a 7-level scale keyed to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Multiple-choice modules test written comprehension, oral comprehension, vocabulary, and structure.

Two open-ended modules test written and oral expression. The multiple-choice modules are available in an electronic format known as e-tef, which provides immediate results.

Candidates may take the TEF as often as they wish.

Study in France: Application for preliminary admission, or DAP (demande d’admission préalable), required students enrolling in the first year of a Licence program

For purposes of the DAP, the TEF is accepted in lieu of the TCF-DAP (ministerial decree of 25 April 2014), provided the applicant passes all required parts of the test and earns a score of 325 / 450 on the test of written expression, corresponding to level B2 of the CEFR and to a grade of 14/20. The required score may vary by institution or program.

Exemption from the TCF-DAP is valid for a period of 5 years.

French in Normandy is an approved TEF testing centre.

Registration and fees:

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[email protected]

[email protected] is an online placement test for the evaluation of language skills (French or English) of candidates in search of the best suitable language course or language certification. [email protected] is perfectly adapted to the world of work for recruiting or boosting a career.

[email protected] is a tool designed to enhance training programmes and, if applicable, complement the service offered to partner companies with a view to meeting a wide range of needs and expectations:

  • recruitment
  • enhancement of language skills
  • guidance
  • career development
  • international mobility
  • training assessment
  • setting up of language audits

This language assessment tool fits seamlessly into our language course provision to help put together groups of levels, guide students towards specific training options, guide candidates towards an exam leading to a specific certificate/diploma.

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Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris examinations

CCIP qualifications are recognised by companies and Higher Education institutions worldwide as validating French language communicative skills within a professional context at one of six levels defined by the Council of Europe Common European Framework.

As the only examination centre accredited by the CCIP in Normandy, French in Normandy offers its students and members of the public the opportunity to gain qualifications in professional areas—among them business, law, administration, diplomacy, tourism and hotel management, science and technology,health, and fashion. Currently 17 different diplomas are available, keyed to levels A2 to C2 of the CEFR.

The exams assess listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, along with topical knowledge, through multiple-choice questions and contextual tasks. Oral tests are marked locally and written tests sent to Paris.

Detailed information on topics covered, including a sample examination (Jeu témoin) with correction, can be found on the CCIP website.

You can prepare for exams by taking a French course, or working independently. Advice, textbook lists, and access to the dedicated Intranet (Blackboard) can be provided on request.

Registration pre-requisites and regulations

  • CCIP examinations are not open to French nationals (passport justification may be required for registration).
  •  There is no language qualification and/or preparation course pre-requisite to taking any of the CCIP qualifications currently offered by French in Normandy.
  • Provided that the examination schedule permits it, candidates can sit more than one of the above qualifications within a single session, except for DFP Affaires B2 and C1 which cannot be taken together.
  • For the DFP Affaires C1, the topic of the oral presentation must be agreed by the Examination Centre.

Registration may be done on site at French in Normandy. Please note that no registration will be accepted without payment. In order to register you need to bring or send a complete application form and payment – payment can be made by cheque or bank card (in person or by phone).

Download the enrolment form for the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris examinations

Results and qualifications

You will be notified of your overall result over the summer months.
The certificate or diploma will be sent to your permanent address in September.
Please note that we are not in a position to provide detailed marks for each test.

Certificat Voltaire

The Certificat Voltaire is a new diploma which is designed to show that candidates have an acceptable level of spelling, grammar and a competent use of the French language.

French in Normandy holds regular 5 day intensive courses which address problems of spelling and the use of language and candidates take the test on the final day.

Download the Certificat Voltaire brochure here.

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