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Pathway to Higher Education in France

Transfer to an Accredited Partner School

Higher Education & Pathway Programmes in France

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to study in France, you might want to look at our higher education route programs. Learning French in Normandy can help you prepare for your future studies and life, whether in France or at home. At both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, our pathway programs provide progression pathways to a variety of destinations.

You will be given a spot on the suitable vocational or academic program with our partner organizations if you successfully complete our route programs. (If you meet the applicable entry requirements and have filed an application to the partner university that has been accepted).

Normandy is an ideal location for continuing your education. We are certain that you will be able to choose an undergraduate or postgraduate course that meets your needs among the worldwide programs provided by Rouen’s Higher Education Institutions. Our Rouen-based partner institutions offer a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in French or English, as well as a variety of English-only modules. French in Normandy can also assist you in applying to other French universities and schools.

To begin a route program, you must:

  • Send us an updated CV, your degrees and/or transcripts, as well as your intended subject of study and level of education.
  • Make sure you have a B2 language level to study, however we encourage a C1 level because it will better prepare you for undergraduate or graduate studies.
  • Have the needed B2 level for vocational training school
  • Tell us when you want to study.

After that, we’ll forward your file to the proper institution, which will contact you. Some interviews may be conducted through Skype.

A typical time-line would be:

  • September-January Year 1 : Start French language course to reach B2/C1 level. Diploma exams are available every month from February to August.
  • January/February Year 2: Complete your application
  • June, July, August: Sit the DELF DALF exam
  • September Year 2: Enter the partner institution

Book your exam preparation course

Institutions for your degree/vocational programme(s)

  • Université de Rouen
  • Ecole de commerce RBS (Rouen Business school)
  • Rouen Architecture
  • INSA
  • ISAL Foundation Course – Mode, Design & Management
  • Université de Rouen
  • Ecole de commerce RBS (Rouen Business school)
  • Rouen Architecture
  • INBP
  • Ecole de Cuisine Marcel Sauvag

Example Courses at Rouen Engineering School ESIGELEC

  • MSC Embedded systems (delivered in English or French)
  • MSC Information systems (delivered in English or French)

For more information download the FIN & ESIGELEC pathway programme brochure and fees.

Examples of courses at Neoma Rouen Business School

  • Bachelor programmes in International Business
  • Bachelor programmes in HR Management Logistics and Accounting
  • International Masters programmes (delivered in English)
  • Specialized Masters programmes
  • Rouen MBA programmes (delivered in English)

Vocational Training

Professional Culinary Arts Diploma at INBP

About INBP

Professionals may take advanced courses in bread baking, pastry, chocolate, ice cream making, and snacking at the school. The Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (France’s best artisans) as well as World Champions come to INBP to share their knowledge.

Adults with no prior experience in the industry can also take the French state diplomas in bread baking (CAP Boulanger), pastry-making (CAP Pâtissier), or chocolate and confectionery (CAP Chocolatier) (CAP Chocolatier Confiseur). These are short-term courses that last only four and a half months.

Every year, 15% of the INBP’s student population consists of foreign nationals, all of whom want to follow in the footsteps of France’s best famous chefs in their chosen profession. French culinary knowledge is in high demand all over the world, and students who choose the French in Normandy /INBP foundation curriculum are already well on their path to future success!