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Language Teaching Methodology

Teacher Training in France

Start date

Every Monday

Min course length

1 week

Minimum age


Max course length

no maximum

Hours / week


Max class size



9:30am - 4pm Monday - Friday

Course Description

ERASMUS+ French & Language Teaching Methodology (FLE)

In the morning language courses, the general approach is communicative, with students encouraged and assisted to utilise the language learnt on the course. This includes all facets of the French language. Individual, couple, and group work, conversations, debates, roleplays, presentations, and writing exercises are all part of the classwork.

Small-group study in the afternoon Methodology Component is for foreign instructors of French (or other current foreign languages) who want to improve their teaching skills. Lessons are taught in small groups and are intended to provide an overview of contemporary language teaching methods and strategies. Thematic modules consist of theoretical components as well as the development of pedagogical activities that participants will be able to apply when they return to work.


Pre-course Preparative Modalities:

  • Pre-course, arrival, and cultural information
  • Online language level testing
  • Needs analysis and educational background profile

Practical Arrangements

Intra-Course Modalities offered by the Course Provider:

  • Tutor for the course
  • Learning tools that are pedagogically sound
  • Learning goals are established.
  • Ongoing examination and evaluation, including progress feedback
  • Advice and guidance on homework assignments
  • Accommodation and spiritual care services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Every day, there is an optional supplementary language workshop.
  • Tour of the city and a welcoming activity
  • Students have access to the school library and media centre.

Follow-Up Provided

Post-Course Modalities:

  • A Certificate of Attendance and Achievement
  • Europass Mobility
  • End of course test and programme evaluation
  • Post-course forum
  • Pedagogic teaching materials

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes