Your first day

You should get to school at 8h15 on Day 1, the receptionist will take your name and introduce you to one of our French teachers. You will get your FRENCH IN NORMANDY folder as well as your pedagogic material, tourist information and handbook.

Depending on the course that you have chosen and your level, the first thing that you will do will be to take a short written and oral test and you will also have time to discuss your needs and objectives with one of our trainers.

Your first lesson will begin after this at 9.30 am.

Your lessons with French in Normandy

Our group courses aim to give you more confidence in your abilty to speak French as well as to extend your knowledge of the language.

Don’t worry – everyone in your group will have good days and bad days but the important thing is that you all join in, enjoy your lessons and make good progress.

Sometimes you will be asked to work in pairs or mini groups to practise understanding and oral expression.

We make every effort to put you into the right group for your level but if you think that it is too easy or too difficult just tell us and we will take steps to change your group at once.

You will have work to do at home after the lesson either every night or every other night which will be corrected in class the following day.

If during your stay with us you want to concentrate more on one subject or one specific area please just tell us and we will endeavour to adapt your programme accordingly.

FRENCH IN NORMANDY offers a different cultural and social programme every week. The programme includes visits and activities which will allow you:

  • To discover our region: ‘La Normandie’
  • To have a better understanding and knowledge of French history and culture
  • To have practical opportunities to practise your French language skills in guided situations.

Our trips and practical activities will get you to speak and to understand people speaking real French in real situations.

And of course if there is something in Normandy that you would especially like to see or an activity that you would enjoy just tell us and we will do our best to incorporate it into the programme during your stay!