french expression faire la grasse matinee

Learn French #4: French Expression faire la grasse matinée

D’où vient l’expression “faire la grasse matinée” ? What is the meaning of the French expression faire la grasse matinée?

Look at the illustration below and watch the video to understand more about where this expression comes from and how it is used in French.

french expression faire la grasse matinee

Cyril Hanouna [PDLP] – D’où vient l’expression… par Europe1fr

best french language school

FIN: Education Star 2014 (Student reviews of French in Normandy)

French in Normandy staff, host families and partners are all simply delighted that students have voted us ‘Best French Language School’ for the second year running with such wonderful reviews of French in Normandy. Reading the lovely things that our students have written about us encourages us all not just to keep up the good work but to keep on striving to improve French in Normandy and the service that we offer.  We are all proud to have been awarded this fantastic recognition of our school’s commitment to our students.

reviews of french in normandy


Read reviews of French in Normandy online at EducationStars and discover what our students love about studying French with us in Rouen!


funny french expression

Learn French #3: Funny French Expression “Oh La Vache!”

Oh la vache! This is one of our favourite French expressions which you can see illustrated below. Which funny French expression is your favourite? “C’est la fin des haricots”? “Casser les oreilles”? “Avoir le cafard”?
Let us know in the comments!

funny french expression

Learn French #2: Coup de Foudre

Learn French with this short lesson about love at first sight.

Have you ever had a coup de foudre? Leave a comment below using the phrase.

Watch the funny sketch below about le coup de foudre.







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Learn French #1: Comment te sens-tu?

Today’s lesson asks you how you feel, in French. Follow the blog and learn French with these short lessons.

Comment te senstu; comment vous sentez-vous?

How do you feel?

Listen to the video below to understand the pronunciation of this question: comment te senstu?


Simon #1- Comment te sens-tu ? from Quatre-vingts Poneys on Vimeo