Eating Out in French : French restaurant vocabulary

Wherever you are in France, having a meal in a typical French restaurant is a must. Food is an important part of the French culture and being able to experience it will make your trip more complete. In today’s article we are going to identify some of the most common French restaurant vocabulary and expressions that will be useful to you.

Types of eating/drinking places:

Le restaurant Where you go for a big French meal (un grand repas français)
Le bistro(t) Smaller, more casual restaurants
La brasserie A brewery: offers good beer and hearty food.
Le café Here you will find everything: complete meals, snacks and drinks
La crêperie Sells savoury galettes and sweet crêpes
Le bar Here you can have a drink without eating anything
Le bar à vin Wine bar


Saying how many people you are:

On est trois (informal) / Nous sommes trois (more formal) – We are three


Saying whether you want to eat or drink:

Pour manger To eat
Pour boire To drink
Pour le petit-déjeuner To have breakfast
Pour déjeuner For lunch
Pour dîner For dinner


Saying where you prefer to sit:

Je préfère l’extérieur – I prefer the outside.

Je préfère l’intérieur – I prefer the inside.


Types of Menus:

La carte The menu
Le menu Set menu
L’ardoise The boards where the specials are written. They’re usually at the entrance of a restaurant or hanging on a wall
La carte des vins Wine menu
Une dégustation / Menu dégustation Tasting menu
à la carte Items that you order off the menu; these would have their own price
Plats du jour Daily special
Assiette Platter

Categories in a la carte menu:

Les entrées Appetizers
Un amuse-bouche/amuse-gueule Small snack
Un apéritif A cocktail / pre-dinner drink
Les plats Main courses
Accompagnement Side dish
Les fromages Cheeses
Les desserts Desserts
Les boissons Drinks
Le café Coffee
Un digestif After-dinner drink


Ordering food:

Avez-vous choisi? / Vous avez choisi? Have you chosen?
Qu’est-ce que vous voulez comme boisson? What would you like to drink?
Qu’est-ce que vous buvez? What will you have to drink?
Je vais prendre… I’m going to take…


Ending your meal:

Terminé? / Vous avez terminé? / Avez-vous terminé? Have you finished?
Oui, merci Yes, thanks
Ça a été? / Ça vous a plu? Did you enjoy your meal?
Oui, c’était bon / Oui, c’était vraiment délicieux Yes, it was good / Yes, it was delicious
Vous désirez un dessert ou un café? Would you like dessert or coffee?
Je voudrais la carte des desserts, s’il vous plaît I would like the dessert menu, please
Rien pour moi Nothing for me
S’il vous plaît This expression is used to grab the waiter’s attention. Once you have his/her attention all you need to say is l’addition (the bill)


We hope this French restaurant vocabulary will help you to enjoy your meals in France as much as we do!

If you’re considering studying French in France, let us know and we’ll be happy to help you!

Restaurants in Rouen

Best Student Restaurants in Rouen

Having a huge variety of places where to eat is great. However, it can also be confusing as the options are vast and can be very different from one another. Therefore, to help make your stay in Rouen a little bit easier, we have singled out 6 restaurants in Rouen which are usually popular amongst students:

Restaurants in Rouen
  1. Café Dessiné: Found in the historic centre and within the famous rue Damiette, the Café Dessiné is a café and tea room where a large collection of comics is available for viewing free of charge. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, you will definitely find something delicious to have for breakfast, brunch or even a late lunch or early dinner.
  2. Le Mont Saint-Michel: A traditional creperie which will surely give you a taste of the French cuisine. Various types of pancakes are available in this restaurant and you can visit it from Monday to Saturday. Make sure you check the opening hours before you go.
  3. L’Oritano: Whether you’re an Italian who is visiting France and wants a taste of home or coming from any other country and would like some typical Italian food, this restaurant may be the right spot in Rouen. All the dishes are homemade, even the mozzarella and the menu changes regularly. Students can either go for lunch or in the evening to taste the antipasti during Aperitivo time.
  4. Nachos Mexican Grill: More from the international cuisine that one can find in Rouen, this restaurant offers a large choice of fajitas, tacos and salad. All food is freshly made right in front of the customer as this aspect is very important to the restaurant owners. Here you can have healthy meals at reasonable prices and the restaurant is open every day from late morning till the evening.
  5. The Novick’s Stadium: The Novick’s Stadium is a concept sports bar that gives guests the possibility to experience sports from all around the world. This place is also the spot that brings together players and supporters of sports in Rouen. This restaurant is modern and hip, and it is a great spot to meet people, watch sports and relax.
  6. La Fabrik: Directly on the quay near the Seine, this restaurant offers quality meat as well as other dishes and tapas. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, and you can go for lunch or dinner all week, whereas Sundays it is open for brunch.

If you are looking for other types of restaurants or even different cuisines, here at French in Normandy, we are always happy to give you suggestions on our personal favourites. So, contact us or speak to one of our staff members when you arrive at the school, and we’ll be happy to give you directions to get to the restaurants mentioned above, as well.

study in france

Prepare Yourself to Study in France

study in franceIt may be the first time you’re leaving your country on your own, or maybe your first time going to another country for studying purposes. We understand that this may be overwhelming at first, but we can assure you that once you get to your destination, you will realise that this was a decision worth making. Because we have seen many students going through this initial worry, and also because some of us here at French in Normandy, have been in this position, we have decided to give you some tips which can help you get organised to study in France.

Let’s start from the basics first:

French in Normandy is a member of Campus France and Groupement fle, a professional association of French language Schools in France. It is also a member of the international independent school’s quality organisation IALC and is recognized by Sweden’s CSN and Germany’s Bildungsurlaub and awards United States’ university study credits or ECTS (European Credits). This to you means that our school is obliged to offer quality services and customer care.

What will your school week look like:

Below you will find a time-table of a typical 25-hour intensive programme. Over and above the lessons, we also organise activities to help students continue their immersion experience. We also recommend an accompanied full-day excursion or activity over the weekend. These will need to be booked and paid for at the school. If you prefer to do something different for free, every week Rouen Town Hall posts the cultural agenda for the week ahead in Rouen and there are many events and concerts that are free of charge. The school also offers information about transport and place of worship.

French language courses timetable


Rouen is a big shopping centre and offering all the major shops, chains and department stores including Printemps and Galeries Lafayette. The FNAC is the biggest electronics store including music, movies and books etc. If  you want to buy something in particular ask one of our staff who can advise you where to go. Just 3 minutes away from the school, is a boulangerie and a café with a special French in Normandy lunch special, as well as the supermarket Intermarché (large) or Cocinelle (small) and the school has its own Boulangerie Paul outlet.


Before your trip to France to study French you will need to find out about the visa requirements. You should do this well ahead of time as sometimes getting all the official documents together can take a while.

If you are a citizen of the European Union you will need either a valid passport or an identity card depending on your country of origin and you will not need a visa, of course!

For non-EU students you may need to apply for a student visa for France for stays more than 90 days. Stay tuned on the blog for a detailed study in France visa guide.

Keep in mind that, if after you have begun your course, you decide to cut your course short and/or your stay in France and have been issued a French visa on the basis of an invitation letter from French in Normandy, we are obliged to inform the appropriate authorities if you stop your course. We are also obliged to inform the appropriate authorities if you are repeatedly absent.

Taking Holidays:

If you will be staying in Rouen for a long time and would like to take an unscheduled holiday during your course, this is possible. There is a procedure in place which can be explained in further detail to every individual, depending on the length of stay and holiday period.

The Weather:

It is not usually very cold in Rouen, but it can be wet, especially in the early spring, so bring a warm waterproof coat.

Average temperatures:

  • Winter 3°
  • Spring 12-20°
  • Summer 18-28°
  • Autumn 16-25°

We would also recommend sensible and comfortable shoes for walking and for going on excursions. In winter, we do not usually have snow, but it can be windy so a scarf, gloves and a hat might be a good idea!

Spending Money:

We estimate that, you will need about 50 € per week pocket money unless you want to buy masses of perfume and clothes. In which case you will need much more, depending on your taste! To give you a better idea of regular spending, here are some examples of prices:

  • A cinema ticket will cost you about 8 €
  • A 3-course meal without drinks from as little as 12 €
  • An espresso coffee in a café from about 1/1.20 €
  • A beer or coke in a café about 3.50 €.
  • A monthly travel pass, a “Carte Sesame” costs 53 €

Final Tips:

Rouen is not a dangerous place, but the usual precautions apply. Do not carry lots of cash on you, do not walk around the town late at night on your own and do not attract attention to yourself by screaming and shouting which people of all nationalities always seem to do in a foreign country!!

We hope this information has been useful to start planning your trip to Rouen. If you need further information we are always happy to help. Contact us or call on +33 (0) 2 35 72 08 63.