Quelle est la différence entre le DELF/DALF

Quelle est la différence entre le DELF et DALF?

Prepare to pass your DELF or DALF exam now

French in Normandy’s experienced teachers and accredited curriculum have helped students from around the world achieve their French language goals and obtain their Delf and Dalf certification with confidence.  French in Normandy is pleased to offer an online evening and weekend DALF or DELF exam preparation course tailor made for busy professionals and university students. Obtaining a DELF or DALF certificate will open up opportunities for participants both professionally and academically.

Over the course of 10 weeks, students spend 4 hours/week online with one of our highly trained instructors, targeting their French language skills in a group setting online as well as in one-to-one speaking/oral expression sessions with your teacher. You will improve your overall French and learn exam techniques to ensure you have all the tools you need to pass your French language exam. Your success is our success! With French in Normandy students will be well prepared to pass the exam without stress, like 97%+ of all our students who have taken our tried and trusted DELF and DALF exam preparation courses.

This course will take place online twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings starting September 8th from 18h-19h30 French time followed by 1 hour Saturday mornings or at another moment that suits you during our opening hours.

The course fee of 570€ per person will provide 40 hours of focused exam preparation over the course of 10 weeks.

If you’re ready for success and want to pass your DELF or DALF exam this year, contact us to enrol today in this online exam preparation course.

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DELF DALF Exam Preparation at French in Normandy


3D Dedicated DELF DALF Exam Preparation Course

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This is our VERY special and unique in France exam preparation course of 25 hours per week including:

15 hours of general group lessons + 10 hours per week exam preparation workshops + free access to our daily language Clubs.

The morning classes (09:30 – 11:00 & 11:30 – 13:00) are devoted to improving general levels of vocabulary and structures, and working on basic oral skills and listening comprehension.

The afternoon sessions (14:00 – 16:00) are dedicated to mastering the complex exam techniques required by the French. Students will receive a personalised programme that concentrates on the areas where they feel they are weakest, typically the written expression exam and the oral exam. All 4 skills are covered, and each student has a mock oral test weekly with individual feedback.

Each student has a personalised progress and task chart where they can see what it is they have to do for every skill every week.


We give students a DELF or a DALF preparation book on top of the ordinary French in Normandy grammar and exercise book that all students receive. The grammar part is important as many students have some basic problems with certain rules or lexicon, and they can be helped to eliminate these by using this part of their material.

In today’s world, most of our students arrive with a lap-top, smart phone or tablet, so we encourage students to put them to good use during their stay with us and to use these as an integral part of their personalised programme. By connecting to French in Normandy’s google drive, they can receive individually prepared worksheets, comments and engage with their teacher.

However, these tools are not obligatory, and students who come without such equipment are in no way penalized. Students can ask for a personalized programme on a USB stick or for paper versions of worksheets or whatever support suits them best.

EXAM LOCATION: Students take the exam in Rouen town centre with us at a training centre “Education and Formation” and results arrive around 5/6 weeks later.

REGISTRATION: French in Normandy publishes a calendar with all the exam and registration deadline dates for the year. The school can either do the registration for you (extra cost 60€), for example if the deadline is before your arrival or we can guide you how on do it on arrival.

You will need a copy of your passport or ID, 2 photos, a stamped addressed envelope (French stamps to the value of your home address) and black pens!

COURSE COSTS: (Examination fees/booking not included)

For 1-8 weeks: 330 € per week

For 9+ weeks: 319 € per week

Registration: 60 euros and Material fee: 110 euros

Special promotion: book 10 weeks or more and we will give you the exam free.

Courses run all year round starting any Monday, and the exam calendar is in the French in Normandy DELF DALF brochure enclosed.

CLASS SIZE: A maximum of twelve students.

ORAL TEST PREPARATION: Each student has a mock oral test every week with personalized feedback

LEVELS: Most of our DELF DALF students take B2 (15%) and C1 (12%) but we always have C2 (3%) and our results are excellent with a 97% overall pass rate in 2017.

Learn more or contact us to register.

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