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Six Things You Can Do to Improve Your French at Home during a Pandemic 

French in Normandy

You’ve been stuck at home for a year, you’ve baked bread, learned Tiktok dances, cheered for healthcare workers but you still haven’t improved your French language skills. Discover our unique and effective tips to improve your French at home during a pandemic down below.

1. Record yourself reading French text out loud.

Find a French article, book or lyrics you like and turn on your voice recorder. Record yourself speaking and listen to yourself.  Re-record the same text a few times, trying different accents, pronunciations, tones etc.


2. Cook your favourite French food.

Find and follow a recipe for your favourite French dish without translating the ingredients or instructions! 


3. Label everything.

Use post-it (sticky) notes to label items in your home in French. 

Le placard.

la télécommande.

le vin.

une brosse à cheveux.

une poubelle.

un ordinateur.

You get the idea.


4. Find a partner.

Join a language exchange group online and swap your language with a French speaker in video or text conversations.


5. Talk to the pros.

If you are serious about improving your conversational French quickly, take a one-on-one or small group class online with one of our accredited, native French speaking teachers. 


6. Change your settings.

Change the language settings on your phone / computer / social media accounts to French and learn everyday French for technology.