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Lead 5050: Women in International Education

French in Normandy

French in Normandy Provides Sponsorship at Lead 5050 Women in International Education Awards


French in Normandy was started by couple Eleri and Tom Maitland in the spirit of total equality. Each had their role to play and while each recognised the other’s strong points and areas of expertise, there was no idea of hierarchy. The company is now run solely by Eleri with the help of School Manager Malika Bezzou and it has continued to stand by and actively promote ideas of social equality. French in Normandy is proud to be an award-winning language school operated predominately by women in international education.

When Lead 5050 emerged Eleri was quick to show support and French in Normandy was one of the first companies to offer sponsorship for the October Award Event. Lead5050 is a global professional network with a social purpose – to raise the profile of women in the international education industry and facilitate them into positions of leadership.

The inaugural Women in International Education Awards – an evening devoted to celebrating the amazing work that women and men are doing in our industry in the name of gender equality – will be held in Berlin on the 28th October. French in Normandy will be contributing to the overall success by sponsoring the DJ at the party. This will be an unforgettable evening!

« We are proud to be part of this exciting initiative and are keen to show our committment to equality in our industry and in all sectors of society ».