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A Good Test of my French | Student Blog

Back to England and an unexpected French lesson for Alan Bonne Année mes amis, J’espère que tu as passe de bonnes vacances ? I did, but not until after a little French adventure! It’s Friday 22nd December and after a few lunchtime celebrations and Joyeux Noels at the school, all the little elves were rushing home […]

Even the grammaire is fun | Student blog

December recap from our friend Alan Well as you can tell by the date my blog kind of got forgotten, I’m sorry but it has been a little busy. In the last 3 weeks we have had 3 different teachers – Christine of course, Diane and Selma. Each one of these great teachers brought a […]

You are learning because you want to learn | Student Blog

Let’s see how Alan is getting on at French in Normandy with this latest update…   Well its getting a little tougher now! We have begun to look at ‘au present simple’ and ‘passe compose’ – in other words present and past tense! When they start discussing ‘conjugasion’ and reflexive verbs, I struggle. I never […]

First week back at school – Part Deux | Student Blog

We’re back with Alan, from Stratford upon Avon, Home of William Shakespeare. Alan is a young 57 year old student who has come to Rouen to learn French before a) embarking on a 1000 mile horse trek on the Route D’Artagnan through France and into Italy and b) with a view to living in France permanently. […]


This week we invite Alan, a mature student from England, to tell us a bit about his first week at French in Normandy as part of a series on our student blog. I wouldn’t have said I was your archetypal student, but then according to Eleri Maitland the Director and owner of French in Normandy there […]

3 reasons why you should do it | My Internship at French in Normandy

“Opportunity never knocks twice” By Christina Mitzali One of the greatest experiences of my life has come to an end. Many memories flood my mind while I was packing my stuff to travel back in Greece and so here I am writing this article, even if I don’t usually write, for an experience worth sharing. […]

Témoignage de Yui TAKEUCHI | French in Normandy Review

Témoignage et conseils de Yui TAKEUCHI, qui vient d’obtenir brillamment son DALF C1 après seulement 9 mois d’apprentissage du français à French in Normandy ! FIN : Depuis combien de temps est-ce que vous étudiez le français et pour quelle raison  ? J’ai étudié le français pendant 9 mois au total. C’était important pour moi, […]

Bibliothèque municipale de Sotteville- lès- Rouen

C’est une bibliothèque municipale très jolie qui a plusieurs activités pour les personnes adultes, la jeunesse et il y a aussi d’espace pour les enfants. Chaque espace est créé afin d’avoir la commodité complète pour les personnes qui aiment lire. Cette bibliothèque a aussi des tarifs très agréables pour les personnes qui sont de Rouen […]

Изучать французский в Нормандии? Почему бы и нет!

Всем привет! Меня зовут Соня, мне 25 лет, я из России. В настоящее время я прохожу стажировку в школе французского языка «French in Normandy» в качестве ассистента по маркетингу. Сегодня я расскажу вам о своих впечатлениях о славном городе Руане и о работе в школе – возможно, тем из вас, кто планирует поездку во Францию, […]

C1, La Gazette de French in Normandy, Nathalie | juin 2016

Journal gratuit de French in Normandy Semaine du 6 au 10 juin 2016 The French in Normandy C1 class got together to publish the journal of the week. Headlines include: Recherche d‘hébergement abordable Manger de la viande, est-ce encore éthiquement responsable ? (Is eating meat still ethically responsible?) Le problème des réfugiés au Liban. (Refugee […]