Euro 2016 French Football Vocabulary

allez les bleusPrepare yourself for the Euro 2016 Championship with this French football vocabulary

The time to watch Euro 2016 Championship has finally arrived. Now everyone is seated in front of a giant plasma TV chanting for their favourite representation. Of course not everyone knows the right terms for football. If you are one of them you wouldn’t want to just sit and ask around what happened, what is this about,…etc. This is the reason why French in Normandy has compiled this list of 20 terms you need to know for the Euro 2016 Championship.


Allez les bleus!Go, France!
Le coup francFree kick
BotterTo kick
SauverTo save (the ball)
La fauteFoul
L’hors jeuOff-side
Le cornerCorner
Le penaltyPenalty
Le butGoal
ShooterTo shoot (the ball)
Marquer un butScore a goal
La carton jauneYellow card
Le carton rougeRed card
La mi-tempsHalf time
DribblerTo dribble
la remplaçantSubstitute
L’expulsionSend off
VictoireWin, victory
PerdreTo lose

Now that you’ve got the French football vocabulary that you need, you can learn the French football chant below!