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5 things to teach your child when learning French as a second language

French is considered as a tough language to learn as well as pronounce. But it cannot be as hard as it seems to learn if you acquaint your child with the following things at preschool or at their early level of education.  As French is a global language, spoken in at least 29 countries and […]

How Long does it take to Learn French in France

Learn French in France

Learning French has several personal and professional benefits, primarily for students because French is the sixth most broadly spoken language on the planet! When starting to learn French in France, the most common question asked by students is, “how quickly can I learn French”? Well, there is no specific answer to this question because there […]

How to Study for a French Test?

Study for a French Test

Have you ever done French language exam before? Do you have an advanced French test coming up? Like DELF and DALF? Do you know how to prepare for these exams? Are you looking for the top tips for a French DELF and DALF exam? Then this article is for you. As here we will discuss […]

French Vocabulary for Illnesses and Ailments

French Vocabulary Illnesses and Ailments

Learn how to talk about illnesses in French and prepare for a doctor’s visit in France. Getting sick is never fun, but being in a foreign country and not being able to communicate when you need medical help can definitely ruin your stay abroad. These resources will help you learn some important French vocabulary for […]

5 raisons de faire un séjour linguistique en France

séjour linguistique en France

Vous apprenez le français ? Vous envisagez de faire un séjour linguistique en France ? Vous hésitez à franchir le pas ? Dans cet article je vous donne 5 bonnes raisons de réaliser un séjour linguistique en France ! Embarquez, l’aventure vous attend !   Premier avantage : L’immersion linguistique. Eh oui, une fois en France vous serez plongé dans […]

You are learning because you want to learn | Student Blog

Let’s see how Alan is getting on at French in Normandy with this latest update…   Well its getting a little tougher now! We have begun to look at ‘au present simple’ and ‘passe compose’ – in other words present and past tense! When they start discussing ‘conjugasion’ and reflexive verbs, I struggle. I never […]

How to choose the best French language school in France

So you’ve decided to study French in France. By now you’ve probably researched the destination, school size, course content and which cultural activities are offered by various French language schools in France. If you’re really serious about your language studies abroad, then considering these 5 factors will really help you to choose the best French language school and ensure you have […]

C1, La Gazette de French in Normandy, Nathalie | juin 2016

Journal gratuit de French in Normandy Semaine du 6 au 10 juin 2016 The French in Normandy C1 class got together to publish the journal of the week. Headlines include: Recherche d‘hébergement abordable Manger de la viande, est-ce encore éthiquement responsable ? (Is eating meat still ethically responsible?) Le problème des réfugiés au Liban. (Refugee […]

Euro 2016 French Football Vocabulary

Prepare yourself for the Euro 2016 Championship with this French football vocabulary The time to watch Euro 2016 Championship has finally arrived. Now everyone is seated in front of a giant plasma TV chanting for their favourite representation. Of course not everyone knows the right terms for football. If you are one of them you […]

Learn French: Le Grand Stratagème

Learn French Through Theatre Part 2 Le Grand Stratagème Doe Yeop Kim, Ji Hoon Kim, Min Ji Kim, Basil     Personnages : Igor : fils d’Irina. Irina : mère d’Igor. Natacha : sœur d’Igor. Katarina : femme d’Igor. La scène se passe dans le village de Tepe en Slovénie.   ACTE I Dans une chambre d’hôtel de Tepe. Scène […]